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Gardener from children's home in Corinth is accused of committing misconduct acts with minors

At least thirteen children had been affected by the misbehavior of the gardener at a children's home in Corinto Cauca. The complaint was instituted in the prosecutorial that it’s waiting for the opinion of legal medicine. According to the family welfare director, a lot of kids from Children's Home don't want to return to the place because the man is still free.


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Again the Panamericana highway in Cauca was targeted by Farc

On the terrorist attack that was presented this morning in the panamericana highway in the area called El Tunel,  at the height of Piendamo town kilometer 22.

Colonel Herrera Commander of the 29th Army Brigade in declarations says as responsible to Jacobo Arenas mobile column of the Farc.

At this time work for the restoration of vehicular step forward, according to the senior official in an hour returns to give way to the vehicles.

Cauca FARC
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Attack on the road between the department of Antioquia with the coast.

At dawn on Thursday a terrorist attack occurs by the Farc, in the department of Antioquia, on the road connecting the coast in the border area of Puerto Valdivia en Taraza.

Apparently the explosive was left in a sewer causing a crater about five meters deep and 8 meters wide which prevented vehicular traffic. Although there are workers on track and is expected to be able to give interm step in a few minutes.

But according to same reports there have been harassed near the site of the attack,  preventing the continued work on the track.